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Civil Engineering

From the roads you drive on every day, to the water coming out of your home's faucet, we take pride in making your life simpler and easier. Our team is dedicated to providing quality, efficient, and well thought-out designs. We enjoy the variety of challenges brought to us, and thrive on turning your vision into reality.

Some of our civil engineering services include:

Land Development / Site Design

siteplanningLand Development / Site Design is the heart of our business. Whether it is a half-acre site or a 1,000-acre site, our mission is to move the dream of the owner to reality. Each site has its own challenges. Steep terrain, environmental sensitivity, utility connections, storm drainage, road access... the list goes on. Our clients enjoy the benefits of the same thorough consideration of all site characteristics as they apply to their development goals. A clear vision of the finished site prior to construction not only gives the owner a greater degree of confidence in their project, but also minimizes unexpected changes and cost overruns during construction.

Subdivision Design

subdivisiondesignMarcin Engineering has the experience and technical expertise to handle all aspects of subdivision design. From the early phases of site reconnaissance and land-use planning, through the design and platting phases and on into construction, we are there to assist the owner with all of their engineering and surveying needs. Our mission is to work closely with the owner to bring out the full potential of each site using innovative and state-of-the-art techniques, culminating into a sound and economical project.

Master Planned Communities

masterplannedMaster Planned Communities typically include a combination of residential, commercial, and public facilities. Projects of this scope demand a cohesive design team with the technical ability and leadership required to meet the development goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Marcin Engineering team is dedicated to delivering these professional services to our clients.

Public Facilities

Main Street Mall smallMarcin Engineering has a variety of clients in the public sector. Our expertise includes a thorough understanding of the public approval process and we make it our business to form a comprehensive knowledge of the codes, ordinances, and standard specifications particular to each municipality. Naturally, expectations are high because each proposed public project is set forth by popular consensus of the residents in the respective communities. By working closely with municipal elected officials and staff, drawing on public participation, and implementing strong engineering techniques with strict attention to budgetary limitations, Marcin Engineering endeavors to create project designs of which communities will be proud.

Resort / Hospitality Improvements

highdensityMuch of our work is in high-end resort communities where land cost and availability are critical factors in development. Steep terrain often adds to the complexity of site design. The engineers at Marcin have developed many innovative techniques in minimizing the space required for project infrastructure, thereby maximizing overall value.


transportationMarcing Engineering has worked on a wide range of local road and state highway projects. Our team plays an integral role in coordinating the efforts of transportation/traffic engineers, planners, local government officials, and state highway authorities in order to provide safe, efficient, and practical transportation within our communities. We keep in mind the ultimate project goals in order to ensure the proper steps are taken to deliver a successful improvement for today and future generations.

Energy / Industrial Facilities


Marcin Engineering serves the oil and gas industry in the Bakken region, providing site design and infrastructure development services across the upstream, midstream, and downstream supply chain. As production costs increase, oil and gas companies continually look for more efficient ways to operate. Our goal is to help industry leaders meet these challenges by providing civil engineering, land surveying, and construction support, on both small and large projects, for every phase of their operations. We have extensive experience with site/facility design, highway access/easements, stormwater management, and erosion control. Our capabilities include work in remote and environmentally sensitive areas.

Stormwater Management

stormmanagementAt Marcin Engineering, we make it our business to stay abreast of the ever changing federal and local requirements for stormwater management. With regulations becoming more stringent every year for flood control and water quality, our engineers strive to incorporate innovative and cost-effective designs to assist in our clients' stormwater issues. This process begins at the early stages of each project with site planning and culminates in an overall site design that effectively routes stormwater runoff through the area with minimal impacts to the environment. We use widely accepted design methods, including TR-55 and the Rational Method for runoff analysis.


utilitiesMarcin prides itself on the ability to design economical utility systems. These include full water systems (tanks, pressure zones, PRVs, gate valves, air release valves, hydrants) and full sanitary sewer systems (manholes, cleanouts, lift stations, force mains). In addition, we are capable of designing single family water and sewer services. Marcin also designs shallow utilities (cable, phone, fiber, electric, and gas) as required. We stay in close communication with the respective utility companies throughout the design phase to ensure the proper layout and construction specifications are followed.

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